Clandestine Vineyards Break Free Bliss Bomb Pet Nat 2022

From a single vineyard in the Swan Valley, made with arguably WA’s best grape (forget that Chardonnay Johnny-come-lately). Pet Nat. AKA ‘rurale,’ ‘artisanale,’ or ‘gaillacoise.’ Not quite fermented juice goes into the bottle and off it goes. Fresh bubbles ahoy!

Clandestine Vineyards, Break Free Bliss Bomb, Pet Nat, Chenin Blanc, Swan Valley, 2022

Slightly cloudy straw yellow. Barley sugar, chalk, a tinge of dog fart, green pear, sea spray, green melon, ginger, lemon zest and a touch of shortbread. Dry, chalky and bittersweet fruit. Easy mousse with a flattish, short finish. Works well with your favourite “Corn Chip” “cheese” flavoured snack product.

RRP: $30
Alc: 12%
Rating: 16.75/20 (88/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Clandestine Vineyards


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