Champagne Deutz Brut Classic NV

Champagne Deutz was founded in 1838 by William Deutz and Pierre-Hubert Geldemann. in the Aÿ region of Champagne. Now under the ownership of the Rouzaud family (who happen to another small Champagne house called Louis Roederer)  A blend of 1/3 each Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Meunier, fruit is taken from “20 to 30” of the “finest crus” in the Marne region. Champagne Deutz is now imported into Australia by Calabria Family Wines.

Champagne Deutz, Brut, Classic, Champagne, NV

Pale  straw gold colour. Fine, fast beading. Chalky nose, offset with strong apple, apple leaf and easy cherry red fruit influences. Briny twang over vanilla cream and warm bread crust richness. Tight mousse. Shows elegance and restraint. Dry and chalky through the close with good focus of acidity cutting through generous dark yeasty autolytic, umami tones.

RRP: $89.99 (750ml) and $45 (375ml)
Alc: 12%
Rating: 18/20 (92/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Calabria Family Wines and Blend PR


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