2018 Rosé Round-up

I’m heading off to the AWRI Adavanced Wine Assessment Course in November, and I’ve not been immersed in the “wine judging” atmosphere for a little while, so to be presented with a “class” of wines is always good to get the palate calibrated again before heading to a relatively imposing curriculum designed to hone the critical, objective skills of wine judging. The lovely #MrsDrew numbered and poured the wines for me, including one wine twice. For the record, I picked it…not that difficult among 7 wines, but the concepts are the same (1 & 5 were the same wine). Here’s my notes, based on blind tasting order.

Margan, Rose & Bramble, Hunter Valley, 2018

Made from Merlot, Barbera and Pinot Gris. Icing Sugar and marzipan with plenty of strawberries and cream red fruit. Some white peach interest. There’s a touch of grip, but not a lot of length.

RRP: $25
Alc: 13%
Rating: 16.5/20
Wine sample courtesy of Margan Family Winegrowers

Jacob’s Creek, Le Petit Rosé, SEA, 2018


Potentially Pinot Noir, Mataro and Grenache. A slight spritz to the body. Cooling sea spray, orange rind, white cherry. The body is somewhat wan, with light cherry with hessian, orange tic tac and plenty of juicy acidity.

RRP: $17
Alc: 12.4%
Rating: 16.25/20
Wine sample courtesy of Jacob’s Creek

De Bortoli, Rosé Rosé, King Valley, 2018

Sangiovese. A striking bottle with the raised, beveled punt and an impacting font. A pale dusky rose colour. Dry and dusty nose with chalk, pomegranate and herbed red fruits. Savoury and balanced with tart cherry, fragrant peach and plenty of grip. Very good.

RRP: $22
Alc: 12.4%
Rating: 18.5/20
Wine sample courtesy of De Bortoli

Shingleback, Haycutters, Salmon Rosé, McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills, 2018


Made from Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Grenache. Aromatic, with brown spice and caramel, raspberry slice and citrusy tang. Finely lined, there’s a gravelly rumble to the grip as sharp red fruits mix with almost lemon citrus. Quite balanced.

RRP: $18
Alc: 12%
Rating: 18/20
Wine sample courtesy of Shingleback

Cupio, Dry Rosé, Riverland, 2018

Made from Pinot Noir.  A very pale copper colour. Leafy and steely, with hints of white peach, light cherry and dusty chalk. Plenty of flavour with a balance of juicy fruit and a driven chalky texture. Nothing out of place. Very good.

RRP: $20
Alc: 12%
Rating: 18.75/20
Wine sample courtesy of Accolade Wines

Tahbilk, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Rosé, Nagambie Lakes, 2018

A 60/40 split of the two grapes. Watermelon, blackcurrant and bramble aromas. There’s a steely meaty note, like fresh tuna sashimi off set by Turkish Delight and musk stick kisses. Pink grapefruit and blackcurrant palate that fall away quickly to be replaced with sharp acidity.

RRP: $21.50
Alc: 12.5%
Rating: 16/20
Wine sample courtesy of Tahbilk

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