House of Arras Brut Elite No.1501 NV

With fruit from Derwent Valley, Piper’s River, Coal River Valley and the East Coast. Base vintage of 2015 (hence the labelling).
9% Meunier is for softness and approachability for the younger wines while the base wines see 17% oak. Dosage for this cuvee at 5 grams.

House of Arras, Brut Elite, No. 1501, Tasmania, NV

Signature roast chicken savoury aspect and briny oyster shell with fresh sea spray, roasted nuts and a richness of red fruit meaty depth. Definitely showing Pinot Noir muscularity, while retaining elegance and sharp, fine lines. Long dried cherry red fruit drive, with a touch of oak spice and delicious texture. The acidity cuts and pulses and camps on the teeth while the autolytic layers provide a creamy richness. Bound to be found under the RRP.

RRP: $60.99
Alc: 12.5%
Rating: 19/20 (95/100)

Sample courtesy of House Of Arras


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